Fifth Regulars in War of Rights

Mission Statement

The 5th United States Cavalry Regulars colloquially know as the "Fifth Regulars" is a regiment formed by veterans of the community with years of experience behind them. The Fifth prides itself on being heavily dedicated to maintaining historical authenticity through the use of the period-correct "Cavalry Tactics" manual written by J. R. Poinsett for drill and battlefield tactics where our focus lies in dismounted cavalry fighting and skirmishing. Our company structure models itself after how a historical cavalry company would have been formed with a certain number of Sergeants, Corporals, and lieutenants all with respective duties and positions within their platoons.

We take pride in our ability to work as a cohesive unit and value the time and effort required to be proficient with the period drill. We value the thoughts and ideas of all members of our company and, standards of courtesy and professionalism are required. By joining the Fifth Regulars you are guaranteed to partake in historically authentic drills and privately organized events, all the while maintaining an immersive experience through roleplay and milsim.

Rules & Code of Conduct

The following is a list of rules which EVERY member of the regiment is required to follow. Members who break a rule will be issued an initial warning; three warnings and the member shall be removed from the Fifth Regulars.

1. Treat everyone with respect

Homophobia, Racism, discrimination and any other forms of harassment will not be tolerated in events and open access War of Rights discords. What you do and how you conduct yourself on your own time, separate from this community is of no business to us; however, this regiment exists to play as one team working together and such actions go directly against this and other Regiments, depriving them and us of a non-toxic community environment. Individuals caught in violation of this WILL be subject to an immediate suspension or removal.

2. Be professional

Members wearing the regiment's tags will conduct themselves in a manner which reflects the community they represent. Absolutely ZERO tolerance for trolling both on and off events while being able to be identified as a member of this unit. Furthermore, any member caught or reported (upon found guilty) to be in violation of this rule will receive a warning, further offences and the member will be demoted, suspended or possibly removed. War of Rights is a community-based game and we are heavily involved in it, thus we wish to maintain positive relations with both other private regiments as well as the public community.

3. No modern politics

The discussion of modern partisan politics shall be kept to a minimum. Every member is granted the right to the freedom of speech however, we wish to maintain a friendly, respectful and close-knit community and undoubtedly everyone will have different opinions on matters that affect our lives away from the game. Discussions about historical politics are allowed however, again please be respectful in discussions.

4. Take events seriously

In reference to rule 2, skirmishes and drills will be treated seriously. We strive to recreate the feel of a 19th-century cavalry unit and as such the drill we perform requires more practice and effort than other units in the community. Drill Events are the only time when we can work together as a company unrestricted to improve unit cohesion and gain a better understanding of the drill concepts. By not taking drill seriously you will be unable to fully understand the commands given and as a result not execute them properly putting the overall performance of the company in jeopardy as everyman must do his job!

5. Respect and follow the chain of command

The Fifth Regulars is a MILSIM organization, and a command structure is part of that. If an individual has seniority or is of a higher rank than you please respect their judgement, decisions, and orders. If you have concerns or believe that a superior is abusing his power feel free to message any officer and it will be investigated.